World of Warcraft Warfronts Gear in BfA

WoW Warfronts are now only to well-prepared players. Fresh Twinks with a lousy team have to stay outside.
With a small Patch, Blizzard has made a change to the Warfronts. Instead of, as previously, directly to character level 120 participate in, there is now a limit on the item level.  Those who are wearing less than an average item level of 320, cannot sign up for the Warfront.

WoW Warfronts Gear in Battle for Azeroth

Warfronts need the higher level

Why is there the restriction? The official reason for the introduction of a minimum level, there’s not a Blizzard. But it is not suggested that the developers want that Warfronts are the only and best way to get a character to equip. After all, every victory for granted on a war front, an Item with an item level of 340.

Therefore, there is a limit, which is at least a bit of equipment from other sources has to be earned (Heroic or Mythic Dungeons, World Quests).

The Alliance is particularly angry. Extremely, the players of the Alliance, the feel of Blizzard betrayed are angry. After all, Horde players were able to equip three days, all of your characters to 120 with “free” Items at step 340, regardless of item level. Alliance players can enter the war fronts in a few weeks, do not have this opportunity now.

WoW Warfronts need the higher level

Obtaining Twink Gear

What do the BfA players say? However, there are also some voices that Blizzard’s decision to defend. Although the change was short term to be a nuisance, in the long run, makes sense for the game. After all, it was never wanted so that players come directly to level 120 to such powerful equipment. This one should work. Cortyn says: at the moment, Blizzard seems to really take advantage of every Wednesday, to make a controversial decision that upset a large part of the population.

Obtaining Twink Gear

I think the change is good because I like to “step” my character improve, and not directly from 280 to 340 jump. Anyone who plays a lot of alts, or hate Dungeons visited, but is upset, and rightly so.

What do you think of this Change? You will find it useful that Twinks get now is not directly 340 Items? Or is prefabricated to this subsequent Amendment is entirely unfair?