Azerite traits issues in Battle for Azeroth

BfA gamers provided a solution for Azerite traits in Warcraft. Blizzard could adjust and combined several tips.

The new systems in World of Warcraft

Battle for Azeroth, the heart of Azeroth, with its unlockable bonuses is in various parts of the equipment (chest, shoulder, head) quite unpopular. Every day the forums are full of complaints about the activation.
The biggest allegations are:

  • Azerite traits are dull.
  • Azerite traits have to requirements.
  • Artifact power’s farms are also long-winded and too important.

Because you can flip any Azerite abilities free new gear with item level that is better is a step backward.

The new systems in World of Warcraft

Ideas for improvements and customization options, you will find in one BfA player – Chazlazer. He has summarized the majority of System and complaints, with all the Blizzard problems.

Heart of Azeroth

Chazlazer indicates that Blizzard is carrying the early artifact weapons as templates in the comprised properties in the center of Azeroth transfers (and brand new belief). With every degree of the ascension of this heart, players would subsequently get a brand new”gift point” along with a new ability.

Chazlazer has been planned by armor with more bonuses. The alterations nevertheless. To have instead of just three to four rings, every topic of six rings, that will be filled with things:

Heart of Azeroth

  1.  Maximum worth: gamers may select which secondary stats that you prefer on the topic of critical strike, race, command, flexibility.
  2. Place Bonus: In the second group, the effect could be as strong as a 2-piece Establish Bonus from the former creature strands.
  3.  Defensive is a defensive ability, as is currently true. About recovery in case of a regular shield or damage.
  4. Place Bonus. In the Ring, there had been a Tier Collection Bonus, now as much as a 4P Bonus.
  5. Recognized effect: from the penultimate Ring will lurk an effect that is comparable with all the bonuses of the Legendaries.
  6. Item level: the final of this Ring increases the item level of the item and remains unchanged.

Azerite traits issues

Apart from that, the prerequisites for your rings should be lowered, so that players can switch off their skills. These proposals met with approval. After 13 hours, the article has approximately 7000 Upvotes and was gilded twice,
Changes intended or whether the developers of these suggestions inspire, isn’t yet. What do you think about these suggestions?